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How tackle giant Shimano plans to celebrate 100th anniversary


In just over two months – 72 days to be precise – one of the world’s most iconic manufacturers of fishing tackle will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Japanese giant Shimano will kick off its landmark birthday with the official launch of its centennial website on March 23rd, which will supersede the ‘teaser’ site that has been in operation since March last year and has been showcasing two products each month that have established the company as a powerhouse in the fishing tackle and bicycle components industry.

The first ever item off the production line in 1921 was the 3.3.3 single freewheel for the cycling trade, but it was not until 1970 that the company made its first foray in the fishing tackle industry. That started following a collaboration with Lew Childre, founder of Lew’s Fishing Tackle, and the creation of the #BB2 reel for the American market.

Such was the success of the venture that Shimano took advantage of its experience in gear development and manufacturing to introduce the Shimano DUX spinning reel (left) and herald the formation of its fishing division.

The growing list of Shimano successes that are also featured on the website are models that have stood the test of time and are still on sale today, including the Stella, Calcutta and Bantam, alongside groundbreaking technology and innovations. To date the group has introduced over 100 reels with 76 current series.

The company has also introduced a special 100th anniversary logo where the green, light blue and deep blue colours within it represent the land, sky and sea which focus on the group’s well-known mission: ‘To promote health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the world around us’.

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