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Best Sellers of 2020: Tassie Devil spinners and spoons reach around the world


When it comes to an international superstar, look no further than The Tassie Devil spinners and spoons from top Australian lure supplier, Gillies.

The company’s General Manager, Billy Parson, said: “Both domestically and internationally our spoons have been a huge seller for us. I think the reason is that there is a void in the market for a quality spoon – combined with some really unique colours that sets them apart from anything else, topped off with the ease of use and fish catching success.

“The concept was to create both a bladed lure and spoon, but keep the same profile and identity of the original Tassie Devil. The challenge of getting them to swim well and keep the shapes we wanted was really important. In the paint room we wanted to replicate the ten most popular colours of which many were UV. In all, it probably took the team around 12 months, but we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.”


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