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Best Sellers of 2020: Launch Frog improves on big selling Scum Frog


The Launch Frog Series has been far and away the most successful product launch from American Baitworks brand Scum Frog, not only of 2020 but in the history of the company.

It is effectively a relaunch of the Scum Frog including a new logo, packaging and an upgrade in its physical design. “Chuckin’Ribbits is all we do at Scum Frog and the all-new, ultra-long casting Launch Frog is the new pinnacle of technical design and performance in a topwater frog, crafted from hundreds of hours of on-the-water product testing and refinement,” says the company’s Matt Massey.

“The key to its performance is the unique ‘parasite’ weight system (below) which adds weight without bulk to the hook shank. It gives maximum distance in a topwater frog, while premium Owner hooks and the high compression body deliver the highest hook-up rate possible in a hollow body frog. The super-soft, high compression, wide body design is wrapped around the premium Owner 5/0 red double frog hook for maximum water displacement and buoyancy.”

Launch Frog also takes advantage of the famous Scum Frog brass button rear-weight to maintain the nose-up frog profile that is critical to frog performance. Every Launch Frog is finished in a premium 4-strand silicone skirt – and is made in the USA.


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