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Best Sellers of 2020: Twin Pin Pro enjoys an ‘incredible’ year


New Zealand-based Black Magic Tackle carries more than 2,000 product lines and is particularly strong in a number of categories, including terminal tackle.

But a stand-out performer for the brand internationally last year was the Equalizer fish fighting system, with its latest version, the Twin Pin Pro, gaining some excellent traction through its European distributor and US-based retail customers.

The company’s Tim Clark said: “The Equalizer system has been available since the 1990s and over time it has built a good following internationally as a premium bit of game fishing kit. The introduction of the new Twin Pin plate with its additional pin simply makes a lot of sense to anglers so that they can switch easily from straight butt rods to bent butt rods, while still getting the maximum benefit from the system.

“The success of this in itself was no major surprise, but the sheer volume of demand in 2020 was incredible. The Twin Pin Pro plate looks very much like the original plate and still works with the original harness. It is available in the same width as the XL Wide plate. Apart from being grey in colour, the main difference is that the slot that holds the rod butt has been modified to allow the fitting of an extra pin in a forward position.

“Anglers can still use the rear pin to ensure they get maximum leverage out of a straight butt rod. The rear pin was never designed with bent butt rods in mind and the full lift of the rod was restricted. This issue has been overcome with the positioning of the second pin. Anglers who prefer to use the standard width plate can still fit a bent butt adapter into the slot to allow for the proper use of bent butt rods.”


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