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Best Sellers of 2020: Northland’s top tie-and-go jig? It went big!


The Mimic Minnow Critter looks like a crawfish at first sight, but careful examination yields an interesting paddle-claw design.

The arms float upon rest and when ripped, these appendages wobble outward to avoid the common tangling problems encountered with many craw designs. It is grounded by a lead, stand-up style jighead and features a premium hook with quality wire guard for when around weeds and cover.

“It is the ultimate in ‘tie-and-go’ craw jig and effective for a number of species that frequent rivers, ponds and lakes,” says Northland. It is available in four sizes and eight colours, Green Craw, Watermelon, Black & Blue, Smoke Shad, Natural Craw, Molt Craw and Cooked Craw.

The Mimic Minnow Limber Leech (below) breathes new life into existing leech imitations, says Northland, thanks to subtle segments throughout the body which gives it ‘incredible’ action with little effort from the angler. As the soft plastic segments undulate, the ribbed lead jighead guides the bait while offering a profile that matches the rest of the bait.

As a ready-to-fish option, it appeals to walleye, bass and panfish anglers looking for an easy bait to throw to catch multiple species. It comes in five sizes and eight colours, Firetiger, Pink & White, Watermelon, Black, Black with Chartreuse Tail, Black with Red Tail, Green Pumpkin and Brown Pumpkin.


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