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Best Sellers of 2020: Kuusamon stayed on top with lures for every occasion


Finnish-based Kuusamon Uistin Oy is proud to make its products in its homeland in one of the most northerly fishing tackle manufacturing facilities in the world.

The company’s Kimmo Korpua told Angling International that like many countries across the world Finland has benefited from the surge in fishing participation. He reports good sales of Kuusamon’s Räsänen spoon (below) and Kumma hybrid spinner/lure (main image).

“The triumphant march of the Räsänen into the tackle boxes of anglers has been a highlight for us,” he says. “It works very well for all kind kinds and sizes of fish in almost all places, particularly lakes and streams, and is also suitable for beginners so its success has not come as a surprise to us. It can also be used for ice fishing for rainbow trout.”

Korpua also highlighted the Kumma 10g which is a mix between a spinner and lure. The hybrid has the shape and body of a lure and the rotating features of a spinner. It also boasts a side spinning movement combined with quivering motions. “Best while fishing small rapids and fast running water, it can be cast long distances and has established itself as a very attractive universal lure,” added Korpua.


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