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How anglers can get their hands on Shilton fly reels in the US


South African brand, Shilton Reels, are now available in the US and South America for the first time following an agreement with the Flymen Fishing Company in South Carolina.

“This premium, sought-after brand was designed with one thing in mind – to enable fly anglers to fight and catch the strongest saltwater and freshwater game fish in the world. They have undeniably the best drag of any fly reel,” said Flymen Fishing. “They were previously unavailable in the US, but due to rising recognition and demand, Shilton and Flymen recently formed a partnership to bring them here.”

In addition to the standard black and titanium colours, new anodised models in red, blue, purple, burnt gold, turquoise or custom models are now included in the line.

“Shilton Reels fits right in with what our customers count on us for – top-of-the-line, innovative fly-fishing products,” said Martin Bawden, founder of Flymen Fishing. “This new offering will bring great value to our customers.”

Murray Peddar, Head of Sales for Shilton Reels in South Africa, said it was critical for the brand to be represented by the right company in the world’s biggest fly fishing market. “Flymen is that company,” he said. Shilton Reels was founded by engineer, Tony Fritelli, in 1997 and is based in Johannesburg.

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