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Rod Hutchinson and Bait-Tech owner gets permission to expand business


Donald Cooke, the UK-based owner of the Rod Hutchinson and Bait-Tech brands, has been granted planning permission to expand its warehouse in Sheffield, Yorkshire.

The new building will be able to hold over 400 pallets for stocks of tackle and manufactured goods ready for sale and 60 tons of silo space for bulk ingredients. Construction is expected to start next month.

Andrew Cooke, the company’s Managing Director, said:” Like many in our industry, we have had a very busy 2020. This additional space, however, has not only been driven by the crazy year we have had, but is due to the over three years of double digit growth. This additional warehousing is to enable us to fulfill our growth forecasts and medium-term plans.”

The warehouse is being reorganised by a logistical expert to improve efficiency of every square inch of space. Cooke added: “The gains will ensure we can improve the way we work with our customers and help all our partners grow. We are looking forward to the future in this exciting market. This will not be our only infrastructure investment in 2021.”

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