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Top US tackle supplier adds saltwater products to portfolio


Pitman Creek, the supplier of freshwater fishing tackle to US retailers, has expanded into the saltwater market.

The Kentucky wholesaler, which recently announced plans to open a 205,000 square foot warehouse in Stanford, is now stocking inshore saltwater products for its 2,000 plus retail customers.

In a statement announcing the move, Pitman Creek said that in a year of unprecedented demand and dynamic growth in consumer participation, inshore saltwater dealers and vendors had asked for assistance in keeping retail pegs full to meet the increase in demand.

“Pitman Creek has always been the go-to distributor for freshwater tackle and adding in-shore saltwater items to our assortment was a natural progression,” said Pitman Creek’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jim Bowman. “Through collaboration with our dealer and vendor network we were able to identify an in-shore saltwater assortment to meet the needs of dealers from Maine to Texas.” 

“This year alone we have added over 400 new dealers and many of them stock both freshwater and saltwater tackle,” said John Carman, Pitman Creek Sales Manager. “These new dealers have seen the value added in our large assortment and fast delivery, with 70% of the US population being located within our one-to-two-day delivery area.”

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