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How new Toray fleece ‘evolution’ will affect angling apparel sector


There can be few anglers anywhere who do not wear fleece in pursuit of their particular branch of the sport. So news of the development of a new fleece fabric will resonate with the industry and anglers everywhere.

Karuishi technical fleece was first introduced by Toray Industries, the Japanese textile company and well known supplier to the fishing trade since 2017 and is used by brands including Simms and Patagonia. But now the company has unveiled what it describes as ‘an evolution of fleece’ with an improved knitting construction that creates a high-volume, two-layer structure with a greater loft (thickness) without increasing weight.

The fabric has better durability and piling resistance, plus a dramatic reduction in the level of micro-plastic pollution. The knitting method allows the use of various yarns on the face and back surfaces, creating fabrics with different performance characteristics without using glues or laminates. In addition, no surface treatments or resins are needed to resist piling and abrasion.

Toray reports that in repeated washing tests Kariushi shed significantly less lint than competitive fleeces, including the outdoor industry’s leading stretch fleece.

Toray Industries, Inc. is a multi-national corporation headquartered in Japan that specialises in industrial products centred on technologies in organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry and biochemistry. Its founding business areas were fibres and textiles, as well as plastics and chemicals.

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