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How Outlaw Pro is breaking the rules of retail


Outlaw Pro is a new kid on the block on the fishing retail scene in the UK, but it has big plans to ‘disrupt’ the norm and establish itself as the leader in the sector.

The business only started in February with a website, but it has already opened a megastore in the south of England – believed to be the biggest of its kind in the UK – and has plans to unveil three more in 2021. Following a fanfare opening of the outlet in Billericay, Essex, at the beginning of November, it had to close two days later due to lockdown restrictions. However, that setback is regarded as a mere blip and has in no way knocked off course the brand’s ambitious plans.

Outlaw Pro was launched by entrepreneurs, Stewart Lawson (below), Tony Hannigan, Tom Church and Jason Stanton. Lawson told Angling International: “The brand was created because we felt that anglers deserved a better online and in-store experience than previously existed. We work tirelessly to provide superior shopping and customer service alongside supplying a wide range of products at competitive prices.”

Its retail offer is backed by mainly British brands that include Shimano, RidgeMonkey, NASH, Summit Tackle, Cygnet, Trakker, ESP, Avid, Carp Royale, Drennan, Preston Innovations, Zebco Browning, Quantum and E-Sox.

Lawson added: “Before we launched, the fishing retail market was dominated by one company. Outlaw Pro is disrupting the sector by outperforming other retailers on quality, expertise, price and customer service. We provide anglers with a superior experience at all stages of the buying process and we believe that we are on track to become the leading angling retailer in the UK.

“Our team is made up of experts who can provide any customer – no matter their level of experience – with a professional and comprehensive solution to any angling problem.

“As well as opening our new megastore, we have also developed our website to create a straightforward and safe online shopping experience. We are advertising extensively so that anglers everywhere know Outlaw Pro and how we do things differently.

“Our fishing megastore is unlike anything else anglers have experienced before in the UK. There are thousands of great products all available under our one 6,000sqft roof. It is our flagship store and will certainly put us on the map.”

Next year Outlaw Pro intends to open another three situated near Birmingham, in Yorkshire and the west of England. Included in the trio will be the biggest retail outlet in Europe. “It will be a statement-making destination experience,” said Lawson. “It will tell anglers and the trade that we are Outlaw Pro and are here to stay.”

In all the company plans to open 10 megastores in the region as part of its plan to establish itself as the leader in fishing tackle retail.

Lawson added that Outlaw Pro has been a success story in spite of launching in the middle of a global pandemic. “We started the business a month before lockdown and since then have experienced rapid growth of up to 200% month-on-month. That demonstrates that we are on the right track – putting the angler at the centre of what we do and providing them with a great experience.

“The e-commerce campaigns have supported this growth enormously by promoting unique products and directing targeted audiences to our website.”

Lawson also revealed the logic behind the original name of the brand. “As we are so different and disrupting the market, ‘Outlaw’ seemed appropriate. We are also very professional in the way that we operate, the experiences we provide and how we look after anglers – so ‘Pro’ was a fitting finishing touch.”

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