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Best Sellers of 2020: PRADCO names its three stand-out lures


Angling International has spoken to tackle suppliers all over the world and asked them to nominate the key products that underscored their sales uplifts in the second half of 2020. Here, PRADCO recalls three lures that made a major contribution to the bottom line.


It’s hard to keep a good lure down, and it’s nearly impossible when you’re talking about a great lure, like the legendary XCS square bill (in action, above), which was originally part of XCalibur Lures. PRADCO says: “Responding to excessive demand, BOOYAH Bait Co. brought back the XCS Series in two sizes and eight top colours – and the response has been extraordinary.”

A silent square bill that dives four to six feet, the XCS lets its appearance, action and deflective qualities do the talking as it rolls over stumps and kicks off brush, dock supports and other cover. Its action blends a wobble and semi-roll that sends out flashes and displays its outstanding colour patterns, etched sides and strike-prompting red eyes. Hooks ride against the lure’s body to reduce snags, and the corners of the bill help this crankbait deflect cover very effectively.


There’s a new Bandit in town and that equals outstanding news for zander and walleye anglers around the world. Developed to meet demands of Russian zander anglers, the B-Rotan also fills a critical niche for walleye fishing. It has the exact body shape and size of the immensely popular Walleye Bandit Shallow and Deep, but offers a more aggressive action and a distinctive, loud rattle. It swims at an in-between depth.

Steel rattles in two chambers send out a loud, unique sound to call fish from afar, while the lip’s shape and angle create a wide wobble and roll to send out extra flash. Of course, the B-Rotan isn’t only for walleye or zander trolling. This 3¾-inch, ½-ounce minnow-style lure is also well suited for casting for the same species, plus northern pike, muskies and even some saltwater predators. Eleven colours include classic chrome and baitfish-imitating patterns and the bold, bright colours that walleyes and zander absolutely cannot resist.


Fast action is the name of the game with the YUM Spine Craw, but don’t let that fool you. While this crawfish bait works wonderfully for swimming quickly to prompt reaction strikes, it can also be flipped into thick cover for painstakingly slow deliveries. Whatever the presentation speed, its unique claws move feverishly but with a tight, motion that keeps the profile small. Because of the tight action, it can also be turned 90 degrees so the claws align vertically when rigged on a swim jig or bladed jig to mimic the profile and movement of a baitfish. Angled appendages, meanwhile, serve a double function, slowing the bait’s descent when it is pitched, flipped or hopped along the bottom, and displacing water to help bass find the bait. The Spine Craw is 3.75 inches long, compact and well suited for punching thick cover, pitching to wood, using as a jig trailer, Texas rigging, Carolina rigging and more.


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