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Airflo US website now live as company underlines green credentials


Airflo, the international fly line brand acquired by Mayfly Outdoors a year ago, has announced that its USA website is now live.

The new site carries a strong message about the use of PVC in fly lines, a material that Airflo has never used since its inception in 1984. “Plastisers are required to make PVC lines functional, but from the minute it’s made a PVC line begins breaking down and the plastisers are leached into the environment, contaminating the waters you fish,” says Airflo on the website.

“Once it has shed enough of these chemicals, it becomes prone to cracking and sometimes failure. And as it decomposes, PVC is known to release toxins that make it virtually impossible to dispose of, adds the company. Airflo lines are made using polyurethane, an inert, stable and recyclable material that doesn’t require plastisers and performs better and lasts longer than PVC lines, says the company.

Mayfly Outdoors, a Colorado company, also owns the Ross Reels and Abel fly reel brands. More information can be found at airfloUSA.com.

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