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Zebco Europe salutes the surprise selling power of its Black Cat Battle Boat Set


With more than 5,000 SKUs over seven brands and a multitude of categories, it’s not easy for Zebco Europe to nominate one best-selling product.

“None of our brands is doing significantly better than the others. In fact we have growth across all brands,” says Managing Director Frerk Petersen. “But if I were to pick examples of best-selling products, my list would include the Black Cat Battle Boat Set.”

The Black Cat Battle Boat Set is not just an off-the-shelf model. It has been designed and constructed from scratch with a lot of input from sponsored anglers, Petersen explains. “It is combined with a rebranded electric outboard engine from Rhino. So the customer gets a perfect set with almost everything he needs, ready to fish, no hassle, no worries. This approach has proven so successfully that we can hardly produce it fast enough. We are almost constantly sold out – and we are not talking of an item that costs just a few euros only.”


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