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Retailer pledges one per cent of income to environmental initiatives


Online retailer, Aptus Tackle, has pledged financial support for two key campaigns in the UK.

The London business has chosen the Anglers Against Pollution and Anglers Against Litter campaigns, run by the Angling Trust, as the beneficiaries of its 1% for Water Inititiative. Aptus Tackle was launched with the goal to create real change and align itself with anglers who value a serious commitment to the environment. The company pledges one per cent of its income to projects it believes affect a real change to waters in the UK.

Jack Sherrin (left), of Aptus Tackle, said the company looked at various campaigns around the country before making a decision. “We want to invest in the waters that our sport relies on. It’s important that this money goes somewhere that will have a positive and tangible impact on angling, as well as the general environment,” he said.

“After evaluating lots of projects, we felt there was no place better for it than the Angling Trust and the fantastic work it does. Aptus Tackle is a relatively new company with a very progressive attitude to the environment and the future of fishing,” said a Trust announcement. “It has committed to projects that affect positive change to our waters here in the UK.”

Jamie Cook, Angling Trust CEO, said: “We applaud Aptus Tackle for its strong commitment to re-usable and recyclable packaging and for pledging one per cent of its sales income to projects that benefit the water environment. It shows a commitment to the future of angling and I’m sure it’s a stance that will enhance the company’s  reputation amongst anglers. Our freshwater environment is under increasing pressure and if we are to have clean rivers, lakes and oceans to fish in the future, we all have to work together now to ensure that governments and industry share that vision.”

The Trust will be announcing a special Aptus tackle discount deal for its members in the near future.

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