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Reel maker Maxel powers up the Rage range for 2021


Two new reels, first unveiled by Chinese manufacturer Maxel at the Osaka Show earlier this year, are now available to customers around the world.

The Rage 20H (right) and Rage 80 (above), both part of the company’s high-end jigging Rage family, impressed visitors to the big Japanese show and have since been further improved after intensive testing and fine-tuning. They share stand-out features including precision-machined aluminium construction and Maxel’s made-in-the-USA carbon drag system, known for its smooth powerful performance under any setting. However, they have different roles in the Rage range.

The Rage 20H is designed for Japanese-style, slow pitch jigging with ultra-thin PE line and, like its predecessor, the R25, is compact and lightweight. While the most outstanding elements of the Rage 25 have been retained, there are a number of significant differences, the most obvious being the Rage 20H’s smaller size. It also has a narrower, shallower spool and a single drag system compared to the R25’s dual drag system. In addition, the Rage 20H has no alarm button on the frame.

The Rage 80 is Maxel’s new-size model for heavy jigging and incorporates a number of upgrades prompted by years of sales feedback from the Japanese market. Lighter and more compact than the R90, the R80 fits more easily in the hand. Among a host of other new features are the ‘clicking’ lever drag control, an improved power gear ratio for more cranking torque and faster line retrieve, a new alarm sound system and a new pin system on the spool shaft to further increase strength and make it much easier to disassemble the reel for repair and service.

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