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‘Our new material will take your rods to a higher level’


Weihai Julia, the Chinese-based OEM rod supplier, is offering its customers high-end products made of the very best blanks that Japanese manufacturer Torayca has to offer.

The M40XJ is a high compressive strength and tensile modulus Torayca® MX series carbon fibre prepreg that has been formulated for Weihai Julia and offers a new lay-up and resin formulation that is 20% stronger than any other 40t materials.

Weihai Julia has worked with Torayca to offer a custom-made material specifically for fishing rods. “We needed a specific resin formulation in order to make the most of lay-ups in order to work with the other tensile modulus materials used in fishing rods,” explained Alberto Solza, EVP Sales at Weihai Julia. “After 20 months in development, the M40XJ has finally come to market.

“Normally, entry levels are built using a blend of e-glass and 24t carbon. The higher grade rods are built using a mix of 40/30t carbon, but the amount of carbon that can be used in the lay-up is very limited as it will compromise strength. With M40XJ, we increase the overall material strength, allowing us to build full 40t rods by also adding in the blend some higher modulus. This combination generated a complete new league of high-end rods.

“To use this material properly, we have also developed some specific working processes and machinery. For example, in the lay-up we are using a specific process called X-BD, which is a 45 degree bi-directional carbon and Spirax technology where the material is layed-up on the mould using a continuous 85-degree tape.”

Weihai Julia has built samples of casting, carp and bass fishing rods. The results, says Solza, have been ‘amazing’. He added: “The price will also make this material very exclusive as it is almost double that of a standard m49. We also plan to build higher-end rods for applications that were not possible before.”

Solza added that Weihai Julia is ready to accept new design challenges. He said: “Send us your design requirements and we can provide you with an upgraded, improved version of your rod. We work closely with our customers to maximise this material.”

The properties of the M40XJ Nanoalloy® prepreg are impressive compared to the M40J. They include:







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