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French retail chain Concept PROPÊCHE changes business model


One of France’s largest fishing tackle retail chains is set to diversify its offer into other leisure sectors after its decision to join a leading buying group.

Concept PROPÊCHE, a consortium of independent retailers, has joined Territoires Natures (TN), a group that specialises in working with independent retailers in the outdoor leisure industries. Guillaume Roché, took charge of the Concept PROPÊCHE group in October 2019 before becoming Marketing Manager at TN this year.

He told Angling International: “At the time the business had 73 stores, mainly situated in the eastern region of the country, compared to more than 100 three years earlier. Its decline was a result of a number of factors: store closures through retirement and bankruptcy and the fact the some retailers were no longer in agreement with the central policy of the group and had left the alliance.”

Roché (pictured) added: “The economic model of Concept PROPÊCHE was based on a desire to create a national identity, but many retailers were more keen to offer products that suited the needs of their local marketplace. While the group’s emphasis was on the import and distribution of low value, own-branded products, its members were focused on purchasing more technical, branded products.

“Concept PROPÊCHE was also 100% focused on providing fishing tackle which caused difficulties for the business as its activities were characterised by a long winter period that generated very little turnover. There was, therefore, a real need to open the stores to other types of outdoor activities.”

He added that this is where TN came into the equation. “We already had around 100 fishing tackle stores on our books and with a large listing of complementary suppliers to those in the fishing tackle industry – hiking, riding, hunting, outdoor apparel – we are perfectly placed to meet the diversification needs of the retailers.

“Each Concept PROPÊCHE store now works with a national group and benefits from better commercial benefits from partner suppliers in the outdoor industries. TN is proud to bring together the main retailers in France and our ambition is to build a coherent network of independent fishing shops across the country. We are also happy to be working with major European fishing tackle suppliers, including the likes of Daiwa, Normark, Pure Fishing, SERT, Fox and Sensas,”

As well as obtaining better terms for its membership, TN also provides back office support to help its members run their businesses more smoothly. Roché says that Concept PROPÊCHE has joined the group at a time of change. “The fishing market is stable, but still subject to many threats. The organisation of fishing in France is based on voluntary workers and this makes it relatively fragile. especially in terms of retaining and recruiting new anglers to the sport which is important to ensuring the sustainability of fishing tackle stores.

“When the first confinement was announced in France due to COVID-19 retailers were really worried, but following the relaxation of restrictions they were quickly reassured by what turned out to be an exceptional season when all or most of those in the industry made up for the quarantine shortfall. The second lockdown was a blow, but it has come at a much less prosperous time for the industry and has allowed retailers to use the downtime on working out inventories for the new season and restoring their stores in readiness for 2021.”

With 180 fishing store affiliated to TN, Roché says that the group is convinced in the future of retail. He added:“Our goal is to provide retailers with the tools they need to succeed today and overcome the challenges of tomorrow.”

Territoires Nature is a subsidiary of the INEDIS group and its senior management team is made up of three fisherman with extensive experience in retail. They are:

Adrien Louis has been Brand Manager since 2017. Started out as a manager in a hunting and fishing store before joining SERT as Sales Manager and then manager of its large accounts.

Phillippe Gallou joined TN in June 2019 after 25 years at Pacific Pệche. As Purchasing Manager, he liaises with fishing tackle suppliers and works on promotional operations to maintain a commercial dynamic within its stores.

Guilluame Roché was a Concept PROPÊCHE store manager for 10 years and former manager of the business. Now TN Marketing Manager.

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