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Ready to roll! Rapala VMC launches 13 Fishing across the globe


After 12 months of tirelessly working alongside the 13 Fishing development team to prepare specific rods, reels and lures for the international market, Rapala VMC Corporation is ready to roll out the brand across the globe.

Despite these extraordinary times, the recreational fishing industry has seen exceptional growth in participation in 2020 in many markets as people rediscover or try out new outdoor hobbies in the wake of the global pandemic that has impacted everyone. Rapala VMC says that 13 Fishing’s international launch has been met with the same positive enthusiasm and the ‘make your own luck’ attitude that the brand represents, delivering a fresh spin on what it describes as an otherwise stagnant fishing rod and reel market that has proved to be historically difficult to break into.

“We are excited to bring 13 Fishing’s edgy identity to a global audience,” said Jari Kokkonen, Director of Growth & Innovations at Rapala. “13 Fishing reminds us of what fishing is all about. It’s not about the number of ball bearings or some fancy new reel coating that can’t be explained. It’s about getting out there and challenging yourself – relying on your senses and giving it everything you’ve got.

“Its unconventional approach to product development is one of the many things that sets 13 Fishing apart. During the brand’s inception, it recognised that ice anglers were overlooked by the industry and developed an entire programme that redefined the sector as we know it.

“From there the brand’s popularity exploded as it applied the same out-of-the-box thinking to other fisheries, most notably the North American bass market. Now, through the widest distribution and marketing network in the industry, Rapala VMC Corporation is taking 13 Fishing global.”

In July 2019 Rapala acquired 49% of DQC International Corp – owner of 13 Fishing –  and concluded a worldwide licence and distribution agreement, excluding the USA. “13 Fishing’s development team are a bunch of crazy-passionate anglers with an insatiable appetite for breaking down barriers,” added Enrico Ravenni, Vice President and Head of Global Rods, Reels and Lines for Rapala VMC Corporation.

“We design products with the love of fishing as the first consideration – no gimmicks, just pure performance. Consequently, the consumer and retail demand for 13 Fishing’s rods, reels and lures inside and outside of North America is astounding. Our outstanding suppliers are fully booked for the foreseeable future with no signs of slowing down. The retail stores in Europe have been particularly eager to stock wide ranges of 13 Fishing with good levels of pre-orders in some regions.”

Ravenni added that Rapala intends to further accelerate its 13 Fishing international development initiatives in 2021 with a ‘substantial’ rod range increase to its already extensive offer as well as growing its series of spinning reels to meet soaring demand.

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