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Plano further reaffirms its support to High School Bass Class programme


Leading fishing brands continue to sign on in support of the Berkley Abu Garcia High School Bass Class seminar programme, including storage solution manufacturer, Plano.

It has signed on as presenting sponsor of the initiative for high and middle school anglers. It had previously supported the event through in-kind donations.

“We are proud to be a part of this young angler education programme,” said Chris Russell, Marketing Director for Plano Molding. “These young men and women are changing our sport; they have become a force as they move up in the ranks of pro tournaments and it is exciting to get to work with them face to face. Sharing our knowledge, telling some fish stories and encouraging new anglers to get involved in the sport of fishing is what Plano is all about.”

A two-day classroom format experience, the High School Bass Class is open to middle school and high school anglers. With Plano’s support, attendees will have access to a robust list of industry professionals – business leaders and professional anglers – to learn about all facets of the fishing industry.

“I don’t know of anyone who has ever fished that didn’t have a Plano box of some kind to store their favourite baits,” said Neil Paul, co-founder of the High School Bass Class. “Plano is a well established leader in the fishing industry and its commitment to the next generation of anglers is strong – we’re proud to have them on board as a partner.”

The experience provides sessions on angling skills and conservation education and creates awareness of young anglers’ professional and post-graduate opportunities. Exposing middle school and high school anglers to the fishing industry and the prospect of developing a career in the industry is invaluable as young anglers navigate school paths and attempt to align with their passions.

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