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Why will new SteelShad colours catch more fish? The manufacturer explains.


New glow-in the-dark bladebaits from the SteelShad Fishing Company are designed to lighten up the prospects of catching fish in murky water and low light conditions.

The company has added five glow colours – white, yellow, silver, orange and green – to its Heavy Series (half ounce) and Mini Series (quarter ounce). The new patterns will be available from January 1.

“We wanted something that can be seen underwater from a considerable distance at significant depths, that can instantly recharge between casts, and that can stand up to the abuse serious anglers and their fish dish out daily,” says Kevin Lewis, SteelShad’s CEO. “Our engineering team came up with the perfect solution. They absolutely crushed this. Our customers have long been asking us to come out with glow-in-the-dark patterns. It’s taken two years of R&D to find the best glow materials available and refine them to appear exactly how we want them to look underwater.”

Although the lures can be used to target a range of fresh and saltwater species, they are particularly recommended for dropping through ice holes into inky depths for fish like pike, perch and crappie. The glow patterns are charged by sunlight or any other light source. Each time the lure is lifted from the water, sunlight immediately provides a long-lasting luminescent charge. And during the night or in low light, any flashlight or boat light can be used.

“These lures are designed to perform well on the ice-fishing circuit and used for vertical jigging in depths of 30 to 75 feet and greater,” says Stephen Price, President and CFO of SteelShad.  “Their intense glow-in-the-dark visibility and vibration means predators can zero in on them from long distance. They work in shallow water too. With five new glow colours in two different sizes, anglers now have a range of SteelShad options to match various depths and water conditions in which sunlight is limited or diffused.”

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