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How Daiwa Corporation is showing its commitment to independent retailers


The Daiwa Corporation is putting its support firmly behind independent local retailers with the launch of its new crossover salt and freshwater spinning reel.

The new Kage LT MQ (pronounced kah-gay) is described as a ‘dealer-driven’ reel series. It will only be available to independent retailers. Marc Mills, Daiwa Field Manager, said: “We are focused on the independent retailer. There will be no internet sales for the Kage. You cannot buy it online.

“What we did when developing the Kage was to create a new series specifically to help the independent local retailers. It means that big online companies can’t sell this product, so there is no price gauging. The Kage LT MQ is the highest quality Kage in the line-up at a price of $329.99 to $359.99 depending on reel size.”

Mills added: “There are two key things about the Kage LT MQ. It is made of Zaion, a carbon fibre body and frame, which makes it very light and corrosion-resistant. And, of course, it is manufactured using Daiwa’s exclusive MONOCOQUE technology, making it extremely light and very rigid. It allowed us to put a much larger main gear and pinion gear in the reel and still create the same amount of gear ratio. You get the usual gear ratio, but with more power, more torque and better leverage – plus it offers longer gear life.”

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