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Weeks of confusion ended as fishing is prohibited in France


A total ban on recreational fishing has been confirmed in France to end two weeks of uncertainty and confusion among anglers.

It had been assumed that fishing during the lockdown across the country was allowed within a kilometre of a fisherman’s home and restricted to just an hour a day. However, a letter from the Ministry of Ecological Transition – sent on November 13 – has confirmed that recreational fishing is not allowed.

Since it is attached to the Ministry of Agriculture, professional fishing and fish farming activities will continue unhindered, fueling discontent among anglers, according to fishing website, peche.com.

It reports that there is also disquiet within the sport by the lack of action of its representative body, the National Fishing Federation. It says: “The institution has been criticised in general and even more so during this period for its silence and failure in its duty to represent French fishermen.

Peche.com added: “Fishing in France is one of the rare outdoor activities to be totally prohibited in contrast to the majority of European countries where the sport is authorised. It was an observation made during the first confinement and remains an incomprehensible situation for the majority of anglers.”

The lockdown in France, implemented on October, 30 is planned to last for four weeks.

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