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Manufacturer deadly serious about electric self-propelling lure


An electric self-propelling robot lure! It has to be a joke, right?

On the contrary, American online tackle brand, UFISH, is deadly serious about a lure that it says ‘does all the work for you’.

The Brooklyn company’s Robotic lures are USB-charged and have additional propeller installation options. A 3D printing process is used to imitate a range of freshwater and saltwater species, including bass and trout. The multi-section, rust-resistant baits use floats and front wires to prevent tangling with weed and debris.

“Our customers love them,” says Jane Goodman, owner of the family-operated company. “As soon as you order a UFISH Robotic lure, get ready for your next big catch.”

UFISH carries a selection of fishing gear and accessories including soft, multi-section and top-water lures, tackle boxes, bait organisers and rod bags, all produced in the US.

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