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Westin announces groundbreaking appointment in European predator fishing


Westin has appointed who it believes to be Europe’s first-ever full-time professional predator angler.

Long-serving sales representative Daniel Nilsson has been named by the Scandinavian predator fishing tackle specialist as its Marketing and Content Manager. Explaining the appointment, Andreas Aggerlund, Westin’s Marketing Manager said: “It is no secret that brand ambassadors have taken on a greater role in promoting our brands in recent years. Influencers, competition and team anglers have played a crucial role in our success and at Westin we take great pride in our team of experts who we believe are one of – if not the – best in Europe.

“Since Daniel joined us he has become a valued colleague who has contributed to the success of the company through his innovative ideas, dedication, loyalty and high skill level. Across the Atlantic, it is not unusual for a skilled angler to make a living on the water, but up until now it was unheard of in Europe. Times are changing and Westin is proud of Daniel being the first of many professional anglers to come in Europe.

Nilsson added: “My job has evolved into a more marketing role over the last three years. This new assignment is a huge honour for me and a large step for the European predator industry in general.”

Thomas Petersen Eldor, Westin CEO, said: “Daniel’s transition to the role has been a natural one. He has represented the brand in many competitions and YouTube productions while presenting new and old products in his steady flow of social media content contributions. In the future those tasks will be intensified alongside a lot of open-day engagements with large customers and involvement in PR events.”

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