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Industry urged to engage with new crop of anglers flooding into the sport


The US fishing tackle industry has been invited to engage with the new crop of anglers flooding into the sport by using the results of a new poll.

The poll, from the Recreational Boating & Fishing Federation (RBFF) and OnePoll, reveals compelling data about Americans’ closer relationship with the outdoors – instigated by COVID 19 – and the reasons behind it.

Millions more people have picked up a rod and reel since the onset of the pandemic – and the case for fishing keeps getting stronger.

• 63% of those surveyed said mental health benefits are an appealing reason to try fishing;

• More than 50% have gone fishing during their time in isolation, 27% of whom have fished specifically to boost their mental health;

• 17% like fishing for its social distancing benefits;

• 63% of those who have gone fishing are eager to teach their children how to fish;

•  Fishing (37%), camping (34%), going to the lake (31%) and boating (23%) were named as activities that sparked nostalgia;

Comparing the results of the poll to the RBFF’s 2020 Special Report on Fishing highlights some potential effects of the Coronavirus pandemic on respondents’ perceptions of fishing. In this latest survey, the top two reasons to go fishing centre around relaxation and happiness, whereas the top two reasons from the Special Report are ‘getting away from the usual demands’ and ‘being close to nature.’

“Getting outdoors, especially near water, has been shown in studies to reduce stress and anxiety,” said Stephanie Vatalaro, the RBFF’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications. “That’s why we created our Get On Board initiative, to raise awareness about how outdoor activities like fishing and boating can help anyone prioritise their mental health while social distancing.

“We can all use a little mood boost these days,” said Vatalaro. “If you’re interested in getting started fishing, our website www.TakeMeFishing.org has beginner tips and an interactive map of places to fish near you.”

Companies and organisations wishing to engage with the new influx of anglers and boaters can use the RBFF’s free resources available here

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