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‘The sensitivity is unrivalled’ – Slovenian fly fishing champion praises his CTS rods


The Slovenian ambassador for New Zealand rod brand CTS put its products to good effect to win the country’s 2020 fly fishing championship.

Rok Šparovec is one of the eastern European country’s top fly fishing tournament anglers and has been a advocate of CTS and Maven Fishing for a number of years.

Recounting his tactics during the Slovenian Fly Fishing Championship, Šparovec, said: “During all the competitions and travels worldwide, I have had a chance to fish many different rods, but my preferred choice is CTS, and because of the quantity demands in competition I mostly employ European nymphing methods using the CTS Affinity blanks.

“Casting accuracy and sensitivity are unrivalled. When I fish dry flies, I prefer the older MX models with a little slower action. There are also situations when we have to target other fish species and these rods can do it all.

“The trout season is coming to an end now and we are looking forward to the hucho hucho campaign which is just beginning to get into full swing.” Šparovec is a member of both the Tie & Fly team, which has won five straight Slovenian titles, and the national fly fishing team.

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