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Corn specialist Energofish makes pledge on supply to its European customers


Customers can be sure of a reliable supply of some of the best baits on the market thanks to some sharp thinking by the production team at Energofish, one of Europe’s major suppliers of bait.

The company has revealed plans to ensure that it can supply its customers during the current shortage of its most popular bait among carp anglers. Hungarian-based Energofish says that exceptional weather across the region has affected crops of corn, particularly food-grade, which is used by bait makers. The company itself boasts a range of over 50 different baits based on the seed and plans to introduce more for the 2021 season.

Sándor Sujkó, Energofish Production Manager, told Angling International: “The forecast for the Hungarian harvest is quite good, while other areas of the region – including Germany and France – are suffering. With a possible shortage in mind, we have negotiated a deal with the largest producer of corn to cover expected demand.”

For the last decade corn has become the most popular bait among carp enthusiasts, establishing itself as a successful hookbait and feeder ingredient. “It is a traditional staple in Europe for a very simple reason. Most waters are full of carp and many of them were grown in fishponds and raised by angling associations to provide enough fish for fishermen. The main nutrition has always been corn. When carp infiltrate rivers and lakes it is only natural that they are receptive to corn. It is not only effective for that reason, but easy to use on the hook and cheap enough for groundbaiting.”

Among the new additions to its bait line-up for next season, Energofish will be introducing a new version of its Big Particle Mix. Called The Big One, as its names implies, it has been formulated to tempt really big carp and has larger particles than the standard Particle Mix and includes natural fish and chilli-based flavours.

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Six corn baits from Energofish

  1. Carp Expert Sweetcorn
    Classic food-quality sweetcorn that comes in 425ml and 212ml tins. Good seeds, sweet tasting with good hook resistance at a reasonable price.
  2. Benzar Sweetcorn
    Superior quality sweetcorn that is coloured and flavoured. Attractive bait for hard-fished lakes; can be used as a hookbait or added to groundbait.
  3. Benzar Rainbow Corn
    Available in 1,500g bags, it is coloured and has been dipped to ensure a very strong aroma to attract fish. It is becoming more popular when loaded as a groundbait into feeders. Has been responsible for some huge carp.
  4. Carp Expert Corn
    Available in 1kg bags with a six-month shelf-life, this affordable bait is made up of selected whole grains in coloured and flavoured versions.
  5. Carp Expert Corn and Seed Mixes
    Superior quality corn and particle mixes, with a storage time of two years. Available in natural and flavoured versions.
  6. Carp Expert Bottled Corn
    A traditional hookbait for decades, it contains selected large grains, heat-treated to ensure higher hook resistance. Available in coloured and flavoured versions. It comes in environmentally-friendly packaging.

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