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Zebco Europe and Danish rig inventor promise better landing rates with new Claw Connector


Zebco Europe has joined forces with international fishing journalist and rig inventor Jens Bursell in the development of some of the new item for the Rhino Inshore range for 2020-2021, including the Claw Connector.

“On normal sea trout lures only around 40% to 45% of all contacts are landed, but with the new Claw Connector the landing rate will improve 50% with a size 12 hook compared to normal lures with normal big hooks,” says Bursell, Angling International’s Danish correspondent. “The trick of the Claw Connector – a curved hook extension – is that it improves the exposure of the hook, enabling the angler to use smaller and better penetrating hooks.

“Additionally, the shape of the connector helps in getting the hook further down below the jaw, giving a better and deeper grip. The Claw Connector is balanced with a tungsten bead to weight-compensate for the smaller hooks.”

The Claw Connector comes in two versions – one for lures, metal spoons, threaded spoons and spinners and another for in-line lures. It retails for €6. and €7.95. The system is available in four hook sizes from 12 to 6 and can be used for all predatory species from trout and sea bass to pike, zander and bass.

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