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Why South African anglers are putting the switch to online retailing on hold


In South Africa they are beginning to wonder if it is premature to predict the demise of bricks-and-mortar stores at the expense of online retailers.

The opposite seems to be the case on the evidence of the opening of Legends Angling’s second store in the town of Makhado, in the Limpopo Province. Eugene Kruger, Angling International’s South Africa correspondent, reports that the event was a ‘real eye-opener’. “Local anglers attended in their droves – in stark contrast to the view of some tackle industry players who have forecast the end of traditional retail stores.

“This is not an isolated case, with other retailers across the country reporting similar experiences. One angler told me recently that visiting his tackle store is as satisfying as actually fishing. He said that meeting and chatting to fellow anglers and seeing and touching new products is part of the overall experience.”

Over-the-counter sales at Legends Angling’s new store are reported to have far exceeded online sales at the company’s Gauteng-based outlet over the past few months.

The South African importer of Venom Lures has also reported exceptionally strong spring sales with previous online customers commenting that e-commerce just does not create the same sense of satisfaction that a visit to a brick-and-mortar store engenders.

Picture: Werner Lubbe

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