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Out of this world! Galactic baits promise to be star performers in Carp Zoom’s latest carp range


Baits, rods, reels, bivvies, bedchairs and a full range of accessories – if it’s carp products you are looking for, then Carp Zoom has it all.

Carp Zoom from Hungary, has turned a boilie business into a platform of specialist brands serving Eastern and Western Europe. Here, Export/Import Manager Zoltán Oláh introduces just some of the company’s new additions.

Feeder Competition Galactic Duo Wafters (top)

A great hookbait with exceptionally fine texture and buoyancy. If used with the proper size of hook and bait spike it forms a perfectly-balanced presentation swayed enticingly by the slightest movement of the water. The proven flavour and colour combinations are ideal for method fishing, as well as bottom fishing for any non-predatory fish. Sizes: 8mm, 10mm. Flavours: chocolate-orange, pineapple-NBC, sweetcorn-strawberry, banana-biscuit, exotic spice, squid-mussel.

Feeder Competition Galactic Method Feeder groundbait (below)

Developed especially for classic feeder and method feeder fishing, the Galactic Method Feeder contains carefully selected carp bait ingredients ground into a perfect mixture. Thanks to these ingredients and the special grinding process, it sticks well but breaks down quickly around the hook bait to lure fish into the area. High in carbohydrates and free from fishmeal, the sweet base mix is flavoured with tried and tested aromas. Flavours: strawberry-raspberry, orange-lemon, chocolate-orange, fish-mussel.

Pure Corn Oil

This is not a corn steep liquor. It is 100% cold-pressed corn-germ oil. Rich in nutrients and fats, this pure corn oil is perfect for targeting non-predatory fish, especially carp and grass carp. The slight popcorn smell lures fish into the swim and the ingredients act as an appetite stimulant. The best time to use it is from spring until autumn. When the water temperature is below 10⁰C the oil can harden and hinder the break down of the bait’s ingredients.

Marshal Memory Foam Chair

Exceptional comfort is the most important feature of this Marshal chair, thanks to the snug mattress being made from memory foam. The massive steel frame, adjustable legs and swiveling mud-feet ensure stability and durability.
• Size: 50 x 50 x 39/105cm • Folded size: 75 x 59 x 24cm • Weight: 6.3kg

Marshal Memory Foam Flat Bed

Memory foam is also used in the mattress of the Marshal Flat Bed to ensure perfect comfort. The huge steel frame, eight adjustable legs and swiveling mud-feet provide all the stability and durability needed for comfortable carp sessions. It also comes with fastening straps for easy transportation.
• Size: 200 x 80 x 37cm • Folded size: 80 x 65 x 30cm • Weight: 10.5kg

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