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Getting a grip! Why US-made Trokar hooks are taking hold on Europe’s carp scene


Ever since the launch of its revolutionary Trokar hook at ICAST back in 2009, Eagle Claw has been quietly expanding its offering in the premium hook market, with its competition level Trokar brand leading the way.

Having perfected the concept of Surgically Sharpened Technology (SST) with a bespoke high carbon steel designed specifically for Trokar hooks, Eagle Claw has continued to develop the brand by applying Trokar SST technology to an ever-widening range of hook patterns. Originally developed for the elite bass tournament market, the patented Trokar SST hook point, has proved to be remarkably adaptable and some more recent additions have found favour in yet another highly competitive arena – that of international carp fishing.

As the official hook of the World Carp Classic (WCC), Trokar has secured yet another accolade at elite tournament level justifying the ‘Competition Level Hooks’ strapline that launched the brand back in 2009. Developed in the UK by Eagle Claw’s UK and Ireland distributor, Reuben Heaton, Trokar Magnum carp hooks were first trialled at the WCC in 2017 and generated a big response from competitors at the event. The following year saw Trokar became the official hook of the WCC 2018, the top event on the international carp fishing calendar.

Andrew Race (above), the MD of Reuben Heaton, says: “The bespoke high carbon steel that powers the Trokar hook has enabled Magnum carp patterns to cope with the extreme conditions found at international tournament level. With competitors fishing hundreds of metres from shore, the ability to hit fish at extreme distance with confidence is a basic requirement. The bespoke Q471 high carbon cold forged steel used in Trokar Magnum carp hooks allows them to withstand high stress levels and enables flex without distortion during the fight. This inherent shock absorbency means that fish can be hooked and played at great distances without the tendency for hook pulls, working with the angler to resist breaking when ultimate pressure is required.”

Patented three-sided point and Trokar SST technology means that Trokar Magnum carp patterns also feature the brand’s legendary ultra-low penetration threshold. It is a characteristic that has consistently shown itself in terms of improved hook-up ratios with the slightest of pressure required to set the hook, adds Race. “This important feature comes into its own on harder fished waters and during long international tournaments where a single bite can mean the difference between blanking and a top three finish.”

How Trokar hooks increase performance

As would be expected from a tournament-grade hook, the Trokar Magnum carp range has additional features to improve overall performance and reliability over extended sessions. All patterns in the range have epoxy sealed eyes to protect even the finest filaments used in modern rig tying from becoming trapped or pinched in the eye.

The need to have adequate internal diameter for multiple threading of rig materials is also important. Internal diameters of hook eyes across all Magnum patterns are purpose-built for each individual hook to give adequate clearance for corresponding filament sizes. A highly corrosion resistant auto-catalytic black nickel with slippery PTFE coating completes the package, complementing the low penetration threshold and giving the hooks a low reflective finish for better presentation.

The Trokar Magnum carp range covers five main patterns: TK880 Longshank (right); TK881 Wide Gape: TK882 Chod; TK883 Curve Shank and TK884 HD Wide Gape. All patterns are available in sizes 8, 6, 4 and 2 with intermediate sizes 7 and 5 in the TK882 Chod and sizes 6, 4, 2 and 1 in the TK884 HD.

For larger carp and catfish species, the Trokar range now encompasses traditional round-bend octopus styles like the TK2 and TK2HP. Pro-V bend octopus patterns are also available in the TK2VP both with curved point. The new TK2 and TK2H sit alongside the already successful TK400 octopus with classic straight point and the specialist TK11 Pro-V Extreme octopus with angled bend and welded eye for ultimate strength. Both TK400 and TK11 are also available in a wide size range from size 6 upwards.

The Trokar hook range now encompasses more than 80 specialist patterns from the largest TK619Hi heavy 12/0 saltwater circle to the smallest size 8 TK881 Magnum Wide Gape carp hook. In keeping with its highly specialised remit, the Trokar range continues to evolve with yet further additions planned for 2021 and beyond.

A full range of patterns can be seen at www.eagleclaw.com. UK stocked patterns are also available to view on the website of UK distributor Reuben Heaton at www.reubenheaton.com where the full range includes specialist carp, predator, freshwater and saltwater patterns.

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