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It was Mann’s Quantum baits! World Crank Cup winner reveals secrets of his success


Anglers can get their hands on two of the most successful baits used during the fourth World Crank Cup (WCC) in the Netherlands after they were revealed by the winner.

Henry Vis celebrated his appointment as a sponsored Quantum angler by winning the competition, which is only open to 20 invited pro anglers, using mainly Mann’s Quantum Loudmouth II and the Mann’s Quantum Baby 8-Minus baits. He was joined in the competition by fellow Zebco-brand newcomer, Gerald Vierhout, on the Rivers Ouden Maas and Merwede for the event which required anglers to catch pike, zander, perch and asp.

Vis won the gruelling three-day competition thanks to a last-hour 88cm pike that turned out to be the biggest fish of the day. He said: “With time running out, I went to a spot where I had lost a pike on day one. I suddenly got a massive bite, but it came off pretty quickly. I didn’t have time to worry about it because a few casts later, and after a battle, I landed it.”

Revealing the secrets of his success, Vis said: “I caught most of my zander using a Quantum Smoke S3 spinning rod (5-35g CW) with a Smoke S3 (model # 30) spinning reel and 10/00 Smoke braid. The perch fell mainly to a medium light Vapor baitcaster with Smoke S3 reel and flurocarbon. I fished for the pike using a medium-heavy Vapor baitcaster with 17/00 Smoke braid.”

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