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Irresistible! Sakura has something eye-catching for Europe’s pike anglers


Equipped with a flexible tail spinner, armed with both single and treble hooks, made from eco-friendly materials and available in three sizes and 12 different colour patterns – the Slash Blade from Sakura has multiple features to catch the eye of European predator anglers.

The new bladed tail spin shad lure, designed mainly for pike fishing, has characteristics that set it apart from other models in the market and offers anglers more efficiency on the water, says Sakura Product Manager and Slash Blade designer, Tanguy Marlin.

“The Slash Blade is a particularly formidable, customised soft swimbait that is a must-have in the tackle box of any pike angler worthy of the name. It has been produced according to rigorous and innovative specifications,” explains Martin. “It delivers irresistible vibratory and visuals signals due to its willow leaf blade and the special texture of the body. The 3D Sakura Eyes and moulded fins add further realism to the realistic profile.

The Slash Blade is armed with both single dorsal and treble ventral hooks manufactured by renowned Japanese company, Owner. The treble is attached by a rolling swivel to avoid tearing the mouth of the fish and to prevent pull-outs, with the swivel itself also connected to the shank of the single hook by a ‘unique and particularly resistant device’. In addition, certain colours in the Slash Blade range react in part or entirely to UV rays with remarkable intensity, says Marlin. Charged by a UV lamp or simply by sunlight, the UV colours provide an extra attraction during low light conditions. “This has proved a definite asset in increasing the detection by most predators,” he added.

The Slash Blade is made from ‘Safe PVC’, a durable polymer, which has no negative impact on the environment. The stable and inert non-toxic material is free from Phthalates and Bisphenol A, both of which are considered endocrine disruptors. The Slash Blade comes in three sizes – 100mm (21.5g), 125mm (38.5g) and 150mm (62g).

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