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Why Australian anglers and retailers are set for one of the best freshwater seasons ‘for years’


Australia is officially in recession, but that is not stopping the country’s anglers from spending right now, says Angling International’s contributor and Editor of Fishing World Scott Thomas, although their sprees might slow next year. Figures have shown a bumper few months thanks to Government initiatives which don’t run out until March. Adds Thomas: “After that the expectation is that we will see slower sales heading into winter 2021. Australians have limited options for travel and this has propped up the retail sector with tackle shops reporting great sales.

Most states came out of lockdown a few months ago and there are very few restrictions on fishing. “The exception is Victoria which has suffered a COVID-19 spike,” adds Thomas. “This means no fishing within the Melbourne metropolitan area which is in Phase Four lockdown. The rest of the region is in Phase Three where fishing is allowed under conditions. We are coming into our warmer months in Australia, and while the change of seasons can be challenging, offshore, inshore reefs, saltwater estuaries and freshwater rivers and dams are all fishing well. The winter rain has filled up many rivers and dams and it’s shaping up to be one of the best freshwater seasons for years.”