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Why a piece of paper could lead to the next leap forward in fishing cameras


An Australian company has secured $356,500 in funding to develop a dual lens fishing camera which it hopes will sell 2.8 million units worldwide over the next decade.

Siren Cameras, based in Brisbane, has been successful in securing the funding from the Commonwealth of Australia, represented by the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, and the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) in what has been described as a ‘game changing development’ for the business.

Mark Peters (left), AMGC National Director of Projects, and Phil West, co-founder of Siren Cameras, are pictured following the agreement.

In collaboration with the project partners, Siren Cameras has designed and patented a bespoke dual lens, floating action camera. Unlike current products available on the market, its novel attachment design means the buoyant camera does not need to be tied to the fishing line.

Siren’s unit clips over the line and reduces the chance of loss due to the line snapping between the camera and fishing rod.

Phil West, co-founder of Siren Cameras, said that the financial contribution is designed to advance multiple areas of its product offering, across design, technology, mobile applications and advertisement capabilities.

‘With the vast manufacturing knowledge and network of the AMGC, we’ll develop Siren to cutting-edge standards from right here in Australia and will proceed to enhance our legal position further, expanding and strengthening our IP rights across all our primary markets. 

“I am personally grateful for the confidence the AMGC has shown in Siren Cameras. The assessment process and critique of our product and business offering has taken over five months and we are delighted with the verification that’s provided – it gives our business a more consolidated approach and underpins our confidence and determination in making this happen.

“Between AMGC and ourselves we’re building a team capable of delivering a unique Australian product that we believe will retail successfully across the globe and eventually play a significant role in managing the sustainability of our coastal fish stocks.”

Dr Jens Geonnemann, Managing Director of the AMGC, said Siren’s product demonstrates the importance of seeking assistance outside your area of expertise. 

“Collaboration is a powerful tool in business and even more so in manufacturing. Siren’s early desire to seek assistance from area experts resulted in a product that is far more powerful than the initial idea, offers greater value and, more importantly, global potential.”